Friday, July 9, 2010

Poems of the Insomniac

Hello great cyber silence... So I have been trying to write something more than poetry, but alas find myself with several projects whose momentums have run out... So until the wheel of academic fire is sparked anew... Some poetry from an insomiac for you...

Rambling Woman

Poetic ramblings in the a.m.
Of a night not yet ended and
A dawn not yet awakened.
Sitting in the silence of
White noise of a fan
So persistent in its
Need to be heard
That it becomes a backdrop
To this night’s tumble.

Tumbling over too many ideas,
Experiences and histories
That I have not found a language to articulate---
So my expression is a broken
Menagerie of poetry, song and paint.
A rambling that needs to exist in
Four dimensions to be read.

Every pour of my skin
Is expelling the pollution of living---
From your touch to the air to water gone slick
With black blood and the promises of corpses.
While my pours spew out their sick,
My tongue grows old and heavy
Imprisoned by broken molar and shovel teeth.

I can hear the rhythmic promise of
Song dancing at the four corners
Of our house tonight
As my pantomime of indifference
Slips away into the whirl
Of an agonizing grace.


I am lighting candles to St. Caballero.

I am burning sweetgrass and cedar.

I am praying to Our Lady of Prompt Succor

While offering tobacco by the river.


My language is broken
Unlike my blood
Words here
Words there
Mispronounced scrambled
Expressions of the realities
Of Indigenous entropy
And my tangled mestizo blood…
Ten Little NDNs
For the sisters

one little, two little so many ndns, ndns playing, flighting, loving, stealing, lying, writing, ndns healing, laughing, little ndns remembering names of little ndns who before them came.

ten little ndns come and go with tough skins, some with lies and some with fists, some with poetry and pain

one, one little ndn stubbed her toe and spilled her ndn blood, so she tried to steal mine

ndn number two, remembered ceremony and genoicide, she brought me memories and blood, scars of birth and loss and carried them on her skin even when they told her without a card she couldn’t keep them

the third ndn took my love, bathed me in corn water and soot, leaving me smelling the absence of his hair on the pillow in firelight

four, four little ndns went to school, one got married, one was lost, another danced with grey goose trickster, while the last leanred a new tongue to forget his own

the fifth little ndn learned to lie, to cover the bodies of ndn women with indigo silence, tearing down families and instilling his mythos convinced he was sweetwater second coming

ndn number six, left all she knew, for a land of blue. blue skies, blue eyes, blue horses finding her lanaguage in the progression of age and the turn of tail and flick of ear

seven, the seventh little ndn reminded me to trade moccosins for combat boots and leather jacket hard as rhino skin, preparing for battle in 2010

ndn number eight dropped her hooch and found her tongue, kicked my ass up when I was done

the ninth little ndn ran from memories and pain, broken wombs and shame, found her man and raised her kids walking proud in her olive mixedblood skin

ten, ten little ndns came and went, leaving me stronger with scars still healing, picked me up and taught to name, courage over fear, and action over blame.

One, little two little three and four, five, little six little eight and more…ten little ndns with love, loss, strength and pain…some survived and some have lost their names…
All poetry, art and writing property of L. Rain C. Goméz © 2010

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