Sunday, June 27, 2010

Halito, Bon jou, Hensci, Haciká'nó, Han, Dia dhuit!! : Welcome Ya'll!

Well folks, I am making the change from one blog site to google blogger. I will post older posted first then follow with recent posting. So...Welcome to my little space in cyberspace to sit my fabulous and fluffy fundament and unload a few unnecessary calories on issues festering inside my chubby cheeked yet stunningly well-proportioned and lovely head. Not to say my other chubby cheeks are not stunningly proportioned, they just aren’t given to moments of contemplation and epiphany. So if certain things make you uncomfortable, INDIGENEITY, RACE, RELIGION, SEXUALITY, CONSUMERISM or dare I say it FAT, then its time for you to move on, or at least please mock me with more finesse than your average racist, fat-fearing college jock. So grab your drinks and favorite snack, and while it will be a bumpy read, that’s just cellulite rather than turbulence.

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