Sunday, June 27, 2010

Digital Poetry

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So, greetings from de la casa de Gómez. I don't know if people read this, or if I am sending things into the cyber void...odd turns all things around, creating bonds along the periphery that are equally resilient and hollow... But like speaking words into an empty room, the release of making reality from language...this cyber rant is surprisingly calming.
So, I have been writing, and writing. I am editing the book, Smoked Mullet Cornbread Memory, starting a new collection of poetry and prose entitled, Violent Hope, and last but not least I have been working on a novel called, OKC: The Read Earth Diaries. I figure the book will take me years to write; I have my characters mapped out, their relationships, the different time loops that operate around characters and place. The book deals with abuse, survivance, Indian identity politics, genocide (both physical and of the mind), and sexuality (which is more about fluidity than about gender “norms”). However, ultimately the book is about women, and how we keep our families together. So it will be a while before I am ready to venture excerpts out beyond
In the meantime, I am wading into waters I have not played in for years…playing with spoken word and digital poetry. Digital or new media, allows for non-linear time, memory and multiplicities of meaning making. “There is no one-dimensional memory; the act of memory is never stagnant or linear. Memories are a way by which we define and redefine our Indian identity. If we understand that time is not linear, it is transcendent, it moves about the place, or individual, the people, it intersects, it is in many ways like the Bohr’s atomic symbol for the atom …past, present, future meeting; likewise we must therefore acknowledge that maintenance of Indian identity and survivance (survival plus resistance) and tradition functions the same. The Internet and digital world is a world not dependant on liner memory, it is a world of hypertext where one object, one word can lead to a new yet interconnected related conversation. It functions similar to memory, similar to storytelling (C-Gomez “In[digital]nous Voices: American NDN Memories and Indigenous Communities in Digital Spaces,” American Studies Association Conference ,2006).” I don't have the software I need to make what I want happen. However, I maintain that digital space works more in accordance with Native space...where time is not linear, but place and people connected, and allows for a multiplicity of making meaning, something beyond the alphanumeric systems... Symbol, sound, story...
The links will take you to two projects in their infancy... more the story of sound, a little of image…Just clearing out the pipes!
"Making Beignets" from Violent Hope: Collected Poetry and Prose (a new work in progress)

"Swimming" from Smoked Mullet Cornbread Memory, surrounded by a slightly 49'd version of Led Zeppelin’s "when the levee breaks."

If you’re out there...hope you enjoy!

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